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Über Mormac Machinery
About us

Since 1985, our small family-owned business has been engaged in the trade of used woodworking machinery, with our primary focus now centered on planing machines from renowned brands such as Kupfermühle, REX, Ledinek, Weinig, and Kälin. This deliberate specialization has empowered us to discover a unique niche and, as a result, expand our global presence.

Überholung und Umbau
Refurbishing and reconstruction

With over 30 years of experience, we have become experts in refurbishing of used planing machines, which we can also customize to suit our customers' individual requirements. Our approach involves the meticulous disassembly of machines down to the machine frame, followed by a detailed reconstruction. Within our metalworking shop, we possess the capability to execute precision work, such as crafting new tool shafts and other specialized spare parts. Our extensive inventory of spare parts includes not only the most common bearings but also a selection of original components, allowing us to offer tailored solutions to our customers. This may include attaching additional units, raising the working height, implementing a modern planing blade system, increasing feed speed, and more.

Service worldwide

From the meticulous disassembly, expert maintenance, precise installation of replacement parts, to customization and updating of your machinery's electrical and control systems, we serve as your reliable partner. Our range of services extends beyond professional assembly to encompass comprehensive training for the smooth operation of your planer. Our expertise is not limited solely to Kupfermühle machines; it extends to other brands as well. We are dedicated to providing assistance at every stage, regardless of your location anywhere in the world.

Mormac Team
Our Team / Jobs

At present, we are a small team consisting of three employees. We are actively seeking professionals in the fields of industrial mechanics, mechatronics, locksmiths, as well as individuals looking to transition into these roles.