Planer & multi-ripsaw combination Kupfermühle KM-63

Technical details
ID: HS004
Working width630 mm
Working height300 mm
Number of spindles4
Spindle diameter60-60-70 mm
Outboard bearings for spindle1-2-3
Motor power5,5-7,5-11-55 kW
Working width adjustmentsmanuell
Feed speed7-42 m/min
Feed motor5,5 kW
Driven bed rollers3
Infeed rollers6
Outfeed rollers2
Constant table height800 mm
Chip removal bottom15 mm
Chip removal top20 mm
Weight8000 kg
Dimensions3500x2100x2250 mm
Voltage400V 50Hz
- Erste Welle (First Spindle) = Tiefritzeinheit (Scoring saw)- Max. Schnitthhe der Vielblattsge bei Sgeblattdurchmesser 320 mm = 85 mm(max. cutting height with saw blade dia. 320 mm = 85 mm)- Schallschutzkabine (Sound cabin)
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